Removing the catalyst converter



Remove the stock exhaust can and set it aside for later


Now you see the catalyst in the end of the mid pipe

Take a hammer and chisel and start driving it into the catalyst about 2-3 inches in. Wiggle and pry it each time you drive it into the catalyst element. After several times you will see that its not very strong. Start chiseling around the edges and working it away from the edge of the pipe.  Take out the big pieces as you go. After you get all of the big pieces out use pliers and pull off the remaining pieces of element stuck to the midpipe

Aim the exhaust towards an open garage door. Or better yet do this outside. Start the bike and blow out the crap that fell into the pipe. You donít need to go to redline. Just several quick blasts to 6 grand will do fine. The neighbors will love you for this